Monday, May 9, 2011

Cross Winds

I decided today demanded efficient use of my time. Multitasking. Though I seriously question whether multitasking and efficiency are compatible. But anyway, given my need to attend meetings at the hospital, study for boards and get a workout in, I decided to ride my bike in, go to meetings, then ride back to a cafe, (study aids in the orange milk crate bike basket), and study till dinner time. I looked like this. Well, except I am a paranoid American, so I wore a helmet. And I am a northern Californian, so I wore jeans and a hoody.

Today the word cross kept crossing my mind. It is a multifaceted word, perfect for the busy multitasker of today's society. Cross winds trumped efficiency today. I could barely move riding back along the bay. My contact lenses almost blew out of my eyes. Which made me very cross. When I finally made it to the cafe, with my hair all curled weirdly at the sides with helmet-head in the middle (this would never happen in Copenhagen), I got out my computer and MKSAP'ed and also learned there is going to be a function on my computerized boards exam where I can cross out the answers I've rejected, just like the old days when tests were in pencil. Also, there is a place on the computer to "scribble" notes. And a built in calculator. So very cool.

No running today, but at least I cross trained. And what was supposed to be a nice little bike ride was more like riding with a cyclone in my face. So it was a pretty good workout, if pain and suffering are a measure of good workouts.

My husband warned me the kids were cross today (and yes, he even used that exact word, which was eerie and satisfying). But he is a miracle man, a doctor of Monday-worn souls, because by the end of dinner tonight he had all of us laughing till we were in tears, by doing all his best Sesame Street character voices. It is a lot funnier than it sounds, trust me. Especially when he does his dark Elmo.

Don't cross dark Elmo.

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