Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Atypical Doubles

It occurs to me that the title of this makes it sound more interesting than it actually is. My life is G-rated. But my double workouts have evolved to strange. 

Last time I did the NY Marathon, I cross-trained quite a bit. I swam, I biked. On a big day, I would do a "double." That would be a swim and a run, or a bike and a run. A few days I did a triple. Like a real triathlete, God bless their souls. But this time around, I am focusing on my running, trying to get more mileage on my legs, with the theory that my Philadelphia DNF last fall was from not enough running prior to the marathon. DNF's can break your heart, but I took it in stride (no pun intended). Philadelphia is a mighty nice town to view on foot, and I got in about 18 miles before turning back. The only downside is I didn't get to collect my beer and pretzel at the finish line.

Doubles build character, strength, and the ability to brag to one's more triathletic friends, preferably in a nonchalant James Deanesque voice, "yeah, I did a double today."

So, here's my menu of doubles. Feel free to use them and brag to your friends as well.

Run and Weed
This is not what you think. Remember, my life is G-rated! Weed the garden, silly. You will never use so many muscle groups, and you will look convincingly sore in the gym locker room when you brag the next day.

Run and Jump Rope with your Much Younger Daughters
If you don't have a daughter or two, or a son that wants to jump rope with you, you could just find
some random kids. What I've discovered is jump roping feels a lot like it could give you a concussion. I don't remember this feeling when I was 12.

Run and Play One on One Basketball with Your Teenaged Son
When did he get so good at basketball? And why does he laugh at me like that?

Run and Work a Night Shift
The key here is never take the elevator, only the stairs. Also, don't partake in the late night pizza delivery nor the early morning doctor lounge donuts. Otherwise, it doesn't count as a double.

Run and Practice Piano
I once got tendinitis from pedaling in bare feet. Now I only practice piano shod.

Run and Play Two Square
This is another chance to have your children laugh at you. Though one of them was sincerely impressed with my two square skills. And my children are not easily impressed.

Run and Take 3 Dogs for a Walk Simultaneously
I believe this one is self explanatory.

Run and Dance Around the Kitchen With Your Husband
This has the added benefit of grossing out your kids. It works even better if they have friends over.

In the days of old, people didn't go to the gym, because the day to day tasks of survival required exercise. Now, we have to be a little more creative. Long live the double.


  1. Quite an impressive array of doubles. For myself, I'm kind of stuck at riding and evening meetings at the Bodega. Still, both workouts to keep in shape for the relevant activities.

  2. Don't underestimate the arm curls involved in hefting one of those Bodega glasses full of some tasty IPA.
    Biking and Beer Curling at Bodega totally makes the list.