Monday, April 23, 2012


I am currently obsessed with the concept of halfness. The Yin and Yang. For instance, I have recently taken to adding half and half to my coffee. I like the first cup black, but the second with cream and sugar. It is like the dark and light side we all have, but in coffee form. The yin yang symbol would look nice in a cappuccino.

In this season, the winter and spring coexist. Last week I was running in the Bottom and it was a stunning green and yellow with snow still on the hills in the background.
The Bottom, April 2012
This time I was not pelted by hail. But one never knows around here.

People can be pretty mean. Like the guy in a rusted pickup who flicked a cigarette at me when I was out running today. It didn't hurt but I thought it was rude. And, being highly cultured as I am, my first thought was that 'Mater (whom the truck eerily resembled) would never do something like that. I bet the cigarette flicking guy has a better side. Yea, I am sticking with that. His Mama likely loves him. Though the Oompa Loompas might have something to say about where he got his manners from. I am just full of artistic references today!

People can be incredibly nice. Like Betty Chinn. Like the charge nurse who noticed me about to die of fatigue on my night shift the other night and the next thing I knew I had a warm, strong cup of coffee in hand. Like my sweet, perfect children. "And when they are good, they are very good, but when they are bad they are..."as said by .-Longfellow, and also my Dad. Dad, was I horrid? Only sometimes. Maybe half. At most.

I do not like to do things half assed, and sometimes this trait bugs people around me, maybe most of all my beloved family. I do like to be given half a chance though. And I half believe that things will most certainly get better, on any given day, or in any given lifetime. 

Most importantly though, I am totally psyched to run the Half Marathon in a couple of weeks. I ran about 15 miles today and it was pretty good considering I had only about half a tank of energy. I have half a mind to NEVER do another night shift. NEVER, I SAY.

Also, about half of the medical students in our country are women (except in Alabama, for some reason). 

I embrace the Half. And the other half too.

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  1. ITA, the dude in the truck is rude. But you are probably right - his mother loves him. :-/ But I guess that some one has to love him. Good luck on the race. I am training for a 10K in a few weeks (my longest distance to date). I hope to run a half marathon some time this summer or fall. I love the idea of a yin/yang symbol in my cappuccino. I'll have to see if my coffee shop can pull this off. Yay! for half of the world's children studying Shakespeare.