Sunday, August 21, 2011


 Long Slow Distance is not unlike a porcupine. It is cute, and it has some points. LSD, as we call it, is supposed to give you a good aerobic base. It is supposed to burn fat, which sounds like a good idea. Maybe all of America should be doing LSD. It ramps up the mileage but in a controlled way. Those are points. The cuteness is a matter of perspective, but I do find it adorable to have to tell myself to slow down every 30 seconds.

The lavender was abloom today as I ran my 16 miles (slowly), with one field largely covered in purple, and the smell delicious as I ran by. This was accompanied by Lovely Songs Done by greats such as Flogging Molly, Nina Simone, Berlin and Bach. Sometimes I run in silence. Today I needed a soundtrack.

I was thinking how lucky I am, to be able to run. It is a luxury. This is well put by Yen Nguyen, who is about to run her 400th marathon. Now I am truly inspired. Only 397 to go.

The best part of today, aside from the:
1) run
2) the post-run chocolate milk
3) the lucky, lavender-scented, musical time with me, myself and I

was coming home to the Life Saving words of my Daughter: "Mom, can I make dinner tonight?"

Yes. Yes, you can.

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  1. Just introduced myself to Flogging Molly on iTunes. I'm sorry, but if I'd try and use their Speed of Darkness to pace my riding cadence, my heart rate would go critical before the end of the first mile. No wonder you have to tell yourself to slow down!